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Site Services Description

Through, we provide a service that allows consumers to get multiple coverage quotes and apply online for health insurance. A network of representatives, agents and brokers, provides both of these services but we do not prevent other providers from inclusion on the site. Our mission is to give our users information that they can use to find the most suitable health insurance offer.

When you give us all of the information necessary to fill out a quote request form, we will make every attempt to connect you with the right discount group, agent, broker or other business.

The website does not offer any "binder" coverage. does not issue insurance contracts, and we do not endorse specific agents, policies or insurance companies. We do not offer legal, financial or tax advice, and we cannot expressly guarantee that the agents and companies who contact you will be able to offer you coverage.

To that end, we cannot take responsibility for the behavior of insurance agents and representatives, and we are not accountable for their actions. For any company or broker we connect you with, their behavior is covered in their own contract. If you need personalized, case-specific advice, we recommend that you consult an insurance agent or broker in your area.

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User Submissions

During the time you access the website, you may be asked to provide basic information about yourself. Although we may request the data, you enter it of your own free will. User submissions include, but are not limited to, requests for quotes and applications for coverage. This information encompasses all communications done through email and the website.

Our site's privacy policy outlines the way we protect our users' private information, and our data collection practices follow these rules explicitly. We take every measure to preserve our users' confidentiality and privacy, but it is impossible to guarantee the security of data at all times. To that end, you must agree that we do not promise to protect any information you enter, post or share.

Furthermore, you must agree that you are solely responsible for the content of everything you submit. We cannot be held responsible for the upkeep of any submissions we receive, and the information can be deleted at any time. We reserve the right to refuse any user submissions, and we also reserve the right to deem any information illegal or inappropriate. We do not allow appeals, and all of our decisions are final. A user who resubmits a previously deleted post may, at our discretion, have his or her membership cancelled.

User Behavior

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Warranty Disclaimers

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Limitations of Liability

No event arising from indirect or direct use of the site can constitute exemplary charges or punitive damages. Simply put, you cannot sue because of problems arising from your use of this website. These exemptions also apply to inability to use the site, and misuse thereof. Content providers, producers, directors, agents, associates, workers and other entities are also protected from liability.

Site Links

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